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Social Contribution

As a social benefactor, CHIMEI strongly believes the company should actively contribute to society and use its resources where we can have a positive impact. We are primarily focused on the education, preservation, and promotion of culture and healthcare, and the cultivation of talent. We also contribute significantly to relief efforts.



CHIMEI Culture Foundation

Founded in 1977, the foundation is responsible for managing the collection and curation of the CHIMEI Museum, as well as cultivating artistic and musical talents through its CHIMEI Art Award. The foundation allows Taiwanese students to borrow from its violin collection free of charge.


CHIMEI established the CHIMEI Museum in 1992. In 2014, it was relocated to a new building in the Tainan Metropolitan Park. CHIMEI invested approximately NT$3 billion in the construction costs, and donated the building to the Tainan City Government. Born out of CHIMEI founder Mr. Shi Wen-Long’s dream to introduce local people to diverse cultural artifacts from around the globe, this private collection is one of the most splendid and rich in the world.



In 1987, CHIMEI took over the Father Fox Foundation hospital. It was renamed to CHIMEI Hospital and serves local communities with comprehensive, high-quality medical care and healthcare services.

Cultivation of Talent

Cultivation of Talent

Taiwan Artificial Intelligence Academy

CHIMEI sponsors the academy with the goal to help industries in Taiwan gain a competitive edge in the AI revolution, and to create opportunities for industrial development.

CHIMEI Science Camp

CHIMEI hosts the science camp to inspire young students to learn through scientific experiments. The goal is to popularize science and let it take root in daily life. Awareness of topics such as environmental protection and circular economy concepts are introduced, and children can learn to use science to protect environmental resources.

Relief Efforts

Motivated by the spirit of compassion, CHIMEI makes frequent donations to contribute to international relief activities.

Epidemic, China (2020)

CHIMEI donated RMB 3 million in the effort to contain and fight the epidemic COVID-19.

Development, China (2017)

Supporting Zhenjiang’s development, CHIMEI donated RMB 30 million to the medical development of the new area.

Earthquake, Taiwan (2016)

In response to the strong earthquake in Southern Taiwan, CHIMEI donated NTD 10 million to the relief efforts.

Explosion, Taiwan (2014)

CHIMEI donated NTD 5 million for the relief efforts in response to a massive gas explosion in Kaohsiung.

Earthquake, Japan (2011)

Joining forces with affiliates and employees, CHIMEI donated US$2 million to the relief effort, and further made donations for reconstruction work via the Tainan City Government and Tainan’s sister city of Sendai in Japan.

Earthquake, China (2008)

CHIMEI donated RMB 20 million to Wenchuan in Sichuan province for relief efforts.


CHIMEI is a Taiwan-based performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

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