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Privacy Policy

Prior to browsing or using the CHIMEI Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “CHIMEI”) website, please read the terms and matters in the Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the“Privacy Policy”).

I. Legal Statement

We welcome you to the CHIMEI’s exclusive official website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). Your browsing or use of the Website constitutes your agreement to the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the contents of the following Privacy Policy, please close the Website and stop using any information obtained from the Website.

II. The Scope of the Privacy Policy

The content of the Privacy Policy includes how the personally identifiable information (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) collected during your utilization of the Website will be processed and used by CHIMEI. The Privacy Policy neither applies to the links or connections to other websites, content, or resources made available to you from third parties on the Website, nor management personnel that are not directly commissioned by CHIMEI or involved in the Website.

III. General Browsing

To assess the overall traffic for each page of this Website and the routes to the Website, CHIMEI may retain browsing history information. When you use this Website, our servers may retain relevant records including the IP address of your browsing equipment, time used, browser used, and the browsing and clicking history. If you contact us via email, CHIMEI shall retain the record of your email correspondence.

IV. The Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Information

1. How to collect, process and use your Personal Information: The types of Personal Information collected by CHIMEI, which may include name, address, email address, telephone number, IP address and other information required for the operation of the Website, will depend upon the services on the Website you use. Personal Information thereof may be provided directly by you to CHIMEI or automatically recorded and collected by the server of Website when you visit the Website or use the services of the Website. When you visit or use the service of the Recruitment Website, in addition to the Personal Information above, CHIMEI will collect ID numbers, birthdate, contact address, phone numbers, personal descriptions, physical descriptions, habits (such as smoking, drinking), family situation, details of other family members, home, leisure activities and interests, occupation, licenses or other permits, qualifications or technology, writings , education, e-mail, work experience, health and safety records, union and employee membership, training records, health records and other information required for the operation of the Recruitment Website, depend upon the services you use. Personal Information thereof may be provided directly by you to CHIMEI or automatically recorded and collected by the server of the Recruitment Website when you visit the Recruitment Website or use the services of the Recruitment Website. 2. CHIMEI may process and use the Personal Information to the extent necessary for the purposes such as operation of the Website during the business communications between you and CHIMEI. Without your explicit consent, CHIMEI will not use your Personal Information for other purposes. When you visit or use the service of the Recruitment Website, CHIEMI may, for the work of the Recruitment Website, during the period of recruitment, within CHIMEI, based on human resource management, national health insurance, labor insurance and other specific purposes announced by the authority, need to process and use your Personal Information within the scope of legal use and other related purposes, for example, CHIEMI will conduct research of statistics and analysis on your resume information, including the gender, education, academic department, seniority, position, regions, and salary etc. The analysis and presentation methods only have overall data and explanations, and do not involve the disclosure and identification of specific Personal Information. 3. CHIMEI will not share your Personal Information with other companies, organizations and individuals except in the following cases: (1) with your explicit consent; (2) for legal reasons according to any applicable law, regulation or enforceable governmental request; or (3) for the purpose of performing the Website and Recruitment Website services which are executed by CHIMEI’s affiliates or contractors. CHIMEI will only share your Personal Information with CHIMEI’s affiliates or contractors to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose prescribed thereof. 4. CHIMEI will not publicly disclose your Personal Information except with your explicit consent or as required by law.

V. The Protection of Personal Information

1. The Website servers are all set up with the relevant data security equipment and mandatory safety protection measures, including firewalls, anti-virus system, anti-hacking system, data backup system and redundant system, to ensure the safety of the Website and your Personal Information. 2. In the event that CHIMEI appoints third parties to provide the services for the Website, CHIMEI will also demand them to adhere to the obligations of the confidentiality and the protection of Personal Information. 3. No method of transmission over the internet or method of electronic storage is 100% secure, but CHIMEI will strive to use commercially reasonable efforts to protect your Personal Information on the Website. When Personal Information has been leaked due to the malfunction of data security equipment and mandatory safety protection measures of the Website, CHIMEI will timely notify you individually in accordance with applicable laws; however, in the case that the aforementioned notification to be provided individually is not workable, CHIMEI will make a public announcement in an appropriate and reasonable manner.

VI. Legal rights regarding to Personal Information

1. According to the applicable laws and regulations, you can contact CHIMEI via “

Contact Us

”, and for the Recruitment Website via the e-mail:, request to exercise the legal rights regarding to Personal Information as follows: (1) Right of Access; (2) Right to Rectification; (3) Right to Restriction of Processing; (4) Right to Object; (5) Right to Data Portability; and/or (6) Right to be Forgotten. 2. You are in the position to decide whether providing CHIMEI Personal Information, and you have the right to withdraw the aforementioned consent at any time by informing CHIMEI in writing. However, relevant services of the Website might be affected due to the lack of your accurate and detailed Personal Information as required. When you visit or use the service of the Recruitment Website, if you need to edit or modify your registered resume, you can maintain it by yourself according to the function provided by Recruitment Website. However, the submitted resume can no longer be modified. If you want to update or withdraw the submitted resume, please contact via the service e-mail of the Recruitment Website in paragraph 1 of this Article in writing.

VII. The Use of Cookies

Cookies are brief sections of information written onto your hard drive by the browser, which are used by the server-side to distinguish the different preferences of the users. CHIMEI uses cookies (including but not limited to cookies placed by third party and adopted on the Website) to improve the use and the functionality of the Website. You may refuse the cookies placed and adopted on the Website by modifying your browser's cookie acceptance settings to protect your own rights and to avoid infringing your privacy without your consent.

VIII. Precautions

The Privacy Policy is applicable only to the Personal Information provided by you or the tracking records left by you from browsing through the Website. CHIMEI recommends that when you link to other websites through the Website, you should read the privacy policy provided by those sites before you provide any personal information.

IX. Change the Privacy Policy

CHIMEI may update the Privacy Policy whenever necessary at any time. CHIMEI reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy without prior notice. We shall indicate the date of the latest version of the Privacy Policy for the Website. We recommend that you should first review the Privacy Policy page when you visit the Website to receive information regarding any changes.

X. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

All disputes resulting from the Privacy Policy and the use of the Website shall be resolved pursuant to the laws of the Republic of China, without reference to its conflict of law provisions. All litigation under the Privacy Policy shall be brought in the Tainan District Court of Taiwan.

Last Updated: The 3rd edition of the Privacy Policy was established in October, 2020.


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