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At CHIMEI, we believe that plastics, rubbers, and other performance materials can be sustainable. The key lies in optimizing their production, use, and application to bring positive impact to the environment.

To make performance materials sustainable, we’re initiating discussions that drive collaboration among colleagues, partners, or across the whole value chain. However, discussions are only the start of CHIMEI’s mission, and that’s why Ecologue™ exists: To convert dialogue into practical steps that improve the sustainability of performance materials.

Achieving Circularity with Ecologue™

The advantages of performance materials are undeniable. From food packaging, to medical equipment, to consumer electronics, they improve our quality of life and have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Therefore, to allow future generations to enjoy the benefits of these materials, we must maximize their sustainability. That’s why we’re rethinking our manufacturing processes and finding new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our Ecologue™ Efforts Focus on Three Areas of Innovation

Recycling Innovations

We’re using recycled raw materials in our products to ensure they don’t end up as waste. With our technological expertise, we’re raising the bar for recycled products by improving their quality.

Mechanical Recycling

Through mechanical recycling, we recover end-of-life products and use them as raw materials. This is the most effective method for reducing plastic waste and virgin feedstock consumption. We also increase the durability of our recycled materials by ensuring they are excellent quality and demonstrate great mechanical properties.

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Chemical Recycling

For plastics that cannot be recycled mechanically, our chemical recycling process breaks them back down into monomers. These are combined to form new polymers that replace virgin materials, reducing our dependence on fossil feedstocks. As part of our chemical recycling efforts, we have successfully produced optical light guide plates using recycled MMA.

Bioplastic Innovations

We’re developing bioplastics that are either made from bio-based resources or will decompose after use. As a result, these materials will reduce our waste and fossil fuel consumption.

Biomass Feedstock

We’re preparing to replace some of the fossil feedstock used in our polymer production with bio-based feedstock. We’re tracking this renewable feedstock throughout our production line to comply with the mass balance approach, and we’re building partnerships to ensure a greener value chain.

Biodegradable Material

We are currently developing biodegradable materials that will be decomposed by living organisms in compost sites. As these materials can be broken down quickly, we’ve identified the potential for them to replace single-use plastic packaging which is the number one source of plastic waste.

Production Innovations

We’re tackling sustainability from a more holistic point of view. With production innovations, we're thinking beyond raw materials and creating greener manufacturing processes.

Carbon Capture & Utilization

We are developing Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU) technology to remove CO2 from our flue gas and recycle it into our polycarbonate (PC) manufacturing process. This will directly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and create a circular system where all byproducts are recycled.

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CHIMEI is a Taiwan-based performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

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