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Company Profile

CHIMEI: A Taiwan-based Performance Materials Company

Founded in 1960, CHIMEI has long been known as the world’s largest vendor of ABS resins. Today, we design and manufacture a wide range of cutting-edge performance materials, including advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals, that raise our global customers’ products to the next level.

Client-Side Innovation™

The world’s leading companies seek out CHIMEI to boost their products’ performance and durability, find a breakthrough in aesthetics, raise their production efficiency, and reduce their environmental impact. Through Client-Side Innovation™ we develop creative new applications for our materials that make our customers’ products stand out. Harnessing our proactive curiosity and extensive knowledge of the industry, we deliver a step up in product performance that helps our customers realize their full potential.

幸福 (Xingfu): Well-Being Through Contribution

CHIMEI’s foundational principle of Xingfu refers to achieving a deep sense of well-being by contributing to wider society. It is by pursuing Xingfu first that we achieve success. This belief has guided CHIMEI since day one, leading us to focus all our efforts on the greater good, by supporting our employees, customers, and communities, and by protecting the environment.

Clean & Green

When it comes to environmental protection and eco-friendly production processes, we have long been ahead of the curve. We set ourselves high standards, investing heavily in clean and green processes to limit our waste and emissions to radically low levels. We also rigorously maintain the latest ISO certifications relating to energy, greenhouse gases, and environmental management across all our facilities. And yet we aim still higher. We are on track to achieve 80% reclaimed water usage in our production processes, 80% energy self- sufficiency from solar power and natural gas, and 98% sludge waste reduction.

A Step Up

At CHIMEI, we strive to achieve a step up in everything we do. Whether advancing the performance of our materials, elevating our global customers’ products to the next level, or enhancing quality of life around the globe, with every undertaking we ask ourselves whether we are helping our teams, customers, partners, or the wider world to achieve a step up.

A happy and healthy family life comes first; career comes second. People earn money as the means to pursue happiness and well-being; earning money is not the end in itself. In the same way, CHIMEI exists to pursue “Xingfu: Well-being Through Contribution”, a purpose that seeks to maximize people’s welfare, not the company’s profits. We embrace the spirit of fairness, mutual benefit, and sharing, in order to create Xingfu well-being among all our co-workers and partners. I have always believed that how much the company gives back to society is the most important aspect of our work. We step up to our wider responsibilities by giving back to society and prioritizing environmental protection. We contribute to our communities. We have set up CHIMEI Hospital to help locals get good medical care. We invest in art and culture. And the CHIMEI Museum passes on precious cultural treasures from generation to generation. The world is advancing. And CHIMEI has also set its sights on the world, moving forward step by step. Today, CHIMEI is growing ever stronger. Therefore, with the rapid pace of globalization, we must do our best to take Xingfu to every corner of the world: that is the kind of sustainable contribution that CHIMEI wants to pursue.

Shi Wen-long,

Founder of CHIMEI


CHIMEI is a Taiwan-based performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

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