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Commitment to Employees

CHIMEI is dedicated to providing a safe and appropriate working environment for employees, and maintaining the rights of employees. We have attained various certifications for our management system and structure that complies with international regulations, for protecting the rights of our employees, and ensuring a safe working environment. Our strict adherence to the SA 8000 management system shows that we take our commitment seriously.

SA 8000


Fair Working Environment

1972 – CHIMEI organizes an operating committee, separating management powers from ownership (called the general manager system).

CHIMEI establishes a harmonious labor relationship with and among employees, building a human-centered working culture that emphasizes/instills harmony, dignity, a sense of security, freedom and sharing. Since inception, we have maintained a low employee turnover rate and a record of zero labor-management disputes.

Sharing of Benefits

1988 – CHIMEI establishes a two-day weekend system 13 years prior to the practice becoming a legal requirement. 1985 – Our “Employee Domestic and Foreign Travel Regulations” provides employees with overseas travel opportunities. 1973 – CHIMEI implements an employee stock sharing system ahead of most other firms in Taiwan.

CHIMEI’s commitment to employees also extends to its retired employees, who are considered important members of the CHIMEI family, through the CHIMEI Retired Employee Fraternal Association. Apart from enjoying a steady income from dividends on shares allocated while in service, retired employees are allowed and encouraged to use company recreational facilities and equipment.

Workplace Health and Safety

2019 – CHIMEI launches a sports center exclusively for its employees. 2017 – CHIMEI wins the Five-star Occupational Safety and Health Unit Award by the Ministry of Labor.

Every time CHIMEI decides to establish a new plant, we begin with the planning of health and safety measures. To ensure a healthy and safe working environment, we have established a committee to execute and maintain the function of our occupational health and safety management efforts and systems. In compliance with health and safety laws, CHIMEI has thoroughly implemented the following policies: • Our lawful, effective occupational health and safety management systems facilitate production activities. • We continuously audit and review the quality and effectiveness of our occupational health and safety management systems to discover deficiencies and make improvements. • We prevent harmful or unhealthy working conditions, and invest time and resources in ensuring employees participate or follow occupational health and safety guidelines. • We conduct health-related education and promotion activities that aim to improve healthcare knowledge and improve the health of our employees. • Appropriate risk control technologies effectively reduce hazards for all stakeholders. • We prohibit or restrict the use of any raw materials, auxiliary materials, or packaging materials that contain substances harmful to human beings • We continually strengthen our interaction with employees, customers, shareholders, contractors, vendors, and other stakeholders to jointly prevent occupational accidents.


CHIMEI is a Taiwan-based performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

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