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At CHIMEI, we care about our employees’ work/life balance, including everything from working conditions to overall quality of life. In order to ensure our employees’ basic needs are well covered, we provide convenient facilities, activities, and services. We also seek to enhance our fellow CHIMEI members’ knowledge and experience. CHIMEI also encourages and provides opportunities for each employee to contribute to society.

Promoting Good Health

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Therefore, CHIMEI puts efforts into ensuring our employees are in tiptop condition. We offer our employees: • Free medical consultations from an in-house doctor, annual checkups, as well as health awareness activities and lectures • Priority access to preferred parking spaces during pregnancy, private nursing rooms, as well as other first-rate facilities, which are provided to support our female employees’ journey to motherhood • In addition to outdoor softball courts, CHIMEI also has an exclusive, first-class sports venue. Facilities include tennis courts, basketball courts, badminton courts, yoga classrooms, and many other sports facilities such as billiard rooms and fitness equipment. We encourage our employees to make frequent use of these facilities with their families and friends to maintain their fitness.

LOHAS and Recreation

To further promote the mental and physical health of our employees, we encourage our colleagues to participate in the company’s clubs and societies. Our clubs often organize ball games and various sports activities to maintain physical fitness.

Food for the Soul

CHIMEI believes knowledge and appreciation bring out the best in everyone. Therefore, we create interesting work spaces and valuable information for our employees. We offer: • A working environment that is rich in culture and artistic appeal. Our facilities feature various works of art, creating an atmosphere where employees can relax and recharge their batteries during breaks. • Qiyuan online platform presents the latest company developments and internal clubs’ news in a light-hearted fashion. It also features articles contributed and shared by employees about their knowledge, insights, or edifying stories.

Social Responsibility

We at CHIMEI believe in spreading Xingfu to people around the world. Therefore, we take an active role in community welfare and charitable events to contribute back to society. Many of our employees are volunteers for a variety of social and cultural causes, including guides at the CHIMEI Museum, volunteer workers at the CHIMEI Medical Center, volunteer counselors with the Sending Love to Sendai project, and volunteers for local beach cleaning projects.

Convenient Living

Through the employee benefits integration platform app, we provide a variety of special store services and real-time welfare information, so that CHIMEI people can enjoy shopping, dining, travel, and leisure with family and friends. Through this app, CHIMEI can make everyday life better for all employees. • There is a 7-11 within the factory area, and colleagues can enjoy discounts, and pay their bills and card fees. • There are ATMs (managed by the post office and China Trust bank) available inside the factory. • All employees can access free parking lots, available for both cars and motorcycles. Motorcycle parking lots are covered, for greater convenience on rainy days. • CHIMEI Online Shopping Platform (Concessionary Shopping) offers employees online discounts


CHIMEI is a Taiwan-based performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

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