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Getting the latest and most complete information about various materials through the CHIMEI e-commerce APP,CHIMEI can not only provide the high performance materials to our partners, but also be the most powerful digital support!



CHIMEI has over 6,500 active transaction accounts worldwide annually, offering materials that are used in various applications from consumer goods, to medical and industrial applications. We have long been known as the world’s largest vendor of ABS resins, PMMA resins and light guide plates (LGP). In addition, we now offer not only plastics, but also synthetic rubber, electronic materials and specialty chemicals. CHIMEI’s ABS resins have been used ubiquitously in the making of toys, sports goods including shoe soles, and cosmetics and personal care products’ casing/housing. Now, our ABS grades have also extended to include a wide range of application requirements. We also have 35% of the LGP market share for TV applications worldwide. Through our Client-Side Innovation™, we help our customers to breakthrough any product and production challenges through materials adjustment, as we can easily provide access to cutting-edge materials and make modifications through our research and development initiatives. CHILIN Technology, a subsidiary of the CHIMEI Group, provides the industry with the accurate Color Center color management. With more than 50 years of professional experience in materials and hundreds of thousands of colors, CHILIN has developed a wide range of granular, sheet, and composite materials. Through market evaluation and innovative R&D, we are committed to developing green, eco-friendly materials that meet market needs. Besides being able to match our customers’ needs in production, performance and price, our experienced sales people grasp our customers’ needs quickly and openly share our knowledge, resulting in the quicker identification of the right materials. Finally, our reliable supply and stable materials performance provide peace of mind to our customers, which is the main reason they continue to choose CHIMEI all these years.

Building Materials & Construction

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Building Materials & Construction


CHIMEI is a Taiwan-based performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

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