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Specialty Chemicals


Photo Resist

Photo Resist

CHIMEI's photoresist product line includes color photoresist, BM resin, photo spacer, posi-resist, and OG resist, and our products is widely used in TFT-LCD products like TVs, monitors, notebooks, mobile devices, and automobile screens. Plus,our considerable R&D and production technology has resulted in a number of exclusive patents in this area. CHIMEI's color photoresists comprise photosensitive polymers, dispersed pigments, and functional additives to form color filters that display red, green, and blue colors by lithography process. Our photoresists deliver high contrast, transmittance, and color saturation, with excellent thermal and chemical resistance, as well as good processing properties for high coating uniformity.

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Alignment film

Alignment film

CHIMEI's alignment films use polyimide as their main ingredient. Working alongside liquid crystals, the polyimide films achieve stabilized alignment within in TFT-LCD products like TVs, monitors, notebooks, mobile devices, and automobile screens. Polyimide provides low ionic impurities and a high voltage holding ratio (VHR). Furthermore, it offers a stable pre-tilt angle, good adhesion, and printability without mura. The material also shows excellent reliability in thermal and chemical resistance, without image sticking. CHIMEI has produced corresponding materials to meet customers' demand for different systems, such as TN, VA, IPS, and PA.

Wet Chemicals

Wet Chemicals

CHIMEI’s wet chemicals are widely used in the semiconductor, LCD, and LED industries, to improve lithography, cleaning, and rework processes. We offer developing solution, stripping solution, cleaning fluid, and wash edge. These chemicals improve yield rates and product quality by reducing contamination or defects during processing. CHIMEI’s wet chemicals generally comprise organic solvents, water, and additives.


CHIMEI is a Taiwan-based performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

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