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Creating A Whole New Grade Of Golf Ball

CHIMEI’s Synthetic Rubber Delivers World’s Lowest Water Content For Competition-Quality Golf Balls


Key Client/Industry/Application Info

Leading Golf Ball Makers


Improving golf ball performance by lowering water content in synthetic rubbers


- A key additive in golf ball cores reacts strongly with water - Achieving water content below standard 0.5% would require creative thinking and new production techniques


CHIMEI’s <0.2% water content high-cis NdBR synthetic rubber


Industry-changing improvements in golf ball velocity and stability

In 2014, we set in motion a series of events that would take golf ball performance to a new peak. From our longstanding collaboration with OEM golf ball makers, we knew that water content is a key area affecting the performance of the end product. With lower water content in the core rubber, golf balls will fly further and with greater stability. Armed with that knowledge, we initiated discussions with the world’s leading golf ball brands. We discovered that the industry standard was 0.5% water content in the core rubber. No manufacturers had been able to surpass that level at that time. Our proactive curiosity led us to take the initiative, to find a way to offer something the industry had never seen before.

Getting Below 0.5%

In cooperation with our customers, we spent the next two years developing optimal process conditions and making equipment modifications, to see if we could do what no one else had: get below 0.5%. After a demanding production process, we found the perfect formula and optimal process to lower the water content in our high-cis NdBR synthetic rubber to below 0.2%, creating a whole new grade of golf ball. Called PR-040G, our synthetic rubber continues to deliver a lower water content than any other suppliers’, meaning the potential performance of the end-product is unparalleled.

New Global Performance Standards

Confident in our new product, we showed the world’s leading golf ball makers what we had to offer. After extensive testing and consultations, our new customers now use CHIMEI’s PR-040G synthetic rubber in the majority of their golf balls, to keep pace with the new peak performance standards. We proudly deliver this next-level solution to all our customers, because together, we have advanced product performance across the whole industry.

I read a key customer’s internal quality control data for water content, which they sent for our reference. The average for our rubber is 0.1%, so they are very satisfied.

Yu-Ching Yang

Elastomers Department Manager at CHIMEI



<0.2% water content high-cis NdBR

Less Water = Better Ball

Golf ball cores are >99% rubber, with the core comprising a mix of synthetic rubbers, and key additives. Some key additives react strongly with water. Therefore, if the water content of the rubber is too high, the overall performance of the ball drops, including the velocity and stability. In short, lower water content results in a golf ball that delivers greater accuracy and overall travel distance.

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