CHIMEI corporation | Media CenterThe First of its Kind in Taiwan! CHIMEI Launches Gas Turbine Cogeneration Plant, Becoming 80% Energy Self-Sufficient

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The First of its Kind in Taiwan! CHIMEI Launches Gas Turbine Cogeneration Plant, Becoming 80% Energy Self-Sufficient

Today CHIMEI Corporation, a global leader in performance materials, announced the launch of its gas turbine cogeneration plant at the Tainan Rende Site as the first manufacturer in Taiwan to do so. With an installed capacity of 64MW, the cogeneration plant generates over 500 million kWh of electricity annually and an hourly steam output around 160 metric tons, reducing carbon emissions by an estimated 124,000 metric tons. It will generate enough power to cover 80% of the factory’s power requirements.

To uphold its Clean & Green vision, CHIMEI continually seeks innovative green production solutions, in its commitment to improving energy efficiency. In 2018, CHIMEI began plans on a gas turbine cogeneration plant, which finally came to fruition today after over 4 years of hard work as the plant commenced operations with a steady supply of electricity for all production. Replacing traditional coal with clean natural gas to fuel combined cycle turbine units, CHIMEI has greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions during power generation. In addition, residual heat is recovered as steam for manufacturing to attain circular economy, increase operating cost benefits, as well as satisfy the need for a safe, stable, eco-friendly, and highly efficient energy supply. CHIMEI’s gas turbine cogeneration plant will run over 8,000 hours per year with 500 million kWh of electricity per year and 160 metric tons of steam per hour. It is projected to reduce total carbon emissions by 124,000 metric tons, equivalent to the annual amount stored by 10.33 million trees or 320.4 Da’an Parks as CHIMEI’s big step to “go net zero”.

With carbon reduction as CHIMEI’s main goal to gradually achieve energy autonomy, ensure stable production capacity, and create a win-win situation in environment sustainability and production. In the future, CHIMEI will continue to explore new methods to cut carbon emissions including mixing 20% to 40% of our congregation plant fuel with hydrogen, conserving energy in manufacturing processes, implementing renewable energy, biomass feedstock, and developing green products. With R&D investments in various technologies like Carbon Capture and Utilization as well as chemical recycling, CHIMEI’s comprehensive joint efforts with business partners will build sustainable value-chain resilience and make positive contributions to environmental sustainability.




CHIMEI is a Taiwan-based performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

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