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CHIMEI Becomes First Taiwanese Enterprise to Complete Carbon Credit Transaction and Offsetting on the CIX

CHIMEI completed the world's first carbon neutral transportation of butadiene in August 2021, and joined Singapore's global carbon exchange Climate Impact X (CIX) in April this year, in order to fulfill the commitment "Clean & Green" and respond to the international trend of carbon neutrality. It is one of the few Taiwanese companies that first joined the international carbon trading market. CHIMEI became the first Taiwanese enterprise to complete carbon credits transaction and offsetting on the CIX in June this year.

CHIMEI purchased 10,000 tons in carbon credits from the CIX’s Project Marketplace. The source of the carbon credits is forest and nature conservation projects in Cambodia and Peru. The carbon credits were certified according to VCS (Verified Carbon Standard), and achieve numerous SDGs of the United Nations, including increasing the employment of local women, clean water, and supporting biodiversity. The carbon credits purchased by CHIMEI will be used to offset carbon emissions from commute and business trips of internal employees in 2021-2025, and a total of 1,416 metric tons of carbon emissions in 2021 was already offset on June 27.

CHIMEI has closely followed low carbon and sustainability issues for a long period of time, and is willing to search for any solution that will reduce GHG emissions from a global perspective. Despite there still being debates in international society over whether or not companies should be allowed to purchase carbon credits to offset their carbon emissions, CHIMEI still hopes to begin taking responsibility for its carbon emissions by voluntarily participating in the carbon credits market. In the future, CHIMEI will more actively cooperate with suppliers, customers, and financial institutions in environmental issues, in order to achieve the sustainability goal of "Clean & Green" and work together with the world towards net zero emissions.




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