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CHIMEI Achieves Leadership Band in CDP Climate Change 2021, Reflecting Its Ambition to Reach Net-zero Emissions by 2050

The global key sustainability indicator—CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) 2021 rating results were officially released on the 7th. CHIMEI Corporation received a leadership level score of A- for its 2021 climate change disclosure. The implementation of the various environmental sustainability measures and the transparency of information disclosure have received affirmation. They symbolize CHIMEI’s determination in its environmental protection policies and climate change governance. Looking ahead, CHIMEI will work harder toward the direction of “zero emissions by 2050.”

CDP is an internationally recognized non-profit that runs a global environmental disclosure platform assessing companies on their climate-related performance and transparency. Nearly 12,000 global enterprises took part in the evaluation. CHIMEI Corporation participated for the first time this year and received an ‘A-’ rating record performance, the highest rating among all global plastic product manufacturers. It ranks among the top 12%, far exceeding the industry’s ‘B-’ average. Among the 11 scoring categories, CHIMEI’ obtained scores (A/A-) eligible to reach Leadership level in 8 categories. This honor signifies the company’s endeavor to cope with climate change through specific actions, thereby echoing the trend of global sustainable development.

CDP has redesigned its climate change questionnaire to align with the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) recommendations since 2018. CHIMEI also introduced the TCFD and included the application carbon pricing this year. Climate-related risks and opportunities are assessed and managed regularly and a comprehensive management plans have been established. The general manager who served as the top-level supervisor in charge of climate change issues regularly reported climate-related issues and effectiveness to the board of directors. The board of directors made decisions and supervised the company’s climate-related strategies and guidance.

CHIMEI has been committed to developing green energy, realizing green production and manufacturing green products. In terms of green energy inputs, following the launch of the CHIMEI Green Energy Park (solar power plant) in 2020, a gas turbine cogeneration plant that can generate clean power will be launched in 2022 in order to achieve 80% power self-sufficiency rate and 36% carbon reduction results. In the management of reclaimed water, following the launch of Taiwan’s largest EDR reclaimed water system in 2021, the plan for 80% reclaimed water for industrial water use will be completed after the reclaimed water plant starts supplying water in Rende Tainan by 2024, reducing use of 3.63 million tons of tap water per annum. In terms of green product, CHIMEI continues to develop sustainable materials such as Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic (PCR) in order to effectively reduce the carbon emissions of products by about 80%. Additionally, in conjunction with the supply chain, sustainable development will be promoted to further realize the objective of 40% carbon emission reduction by 2030 (with 2007 as the base year).

Adhering by the green vision of “Clean & Green “, CHIMEI fully responds to global sustainability trend. In addition to continuing to release the ESG Sustainability Report in compliance with 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), CHIMEI upholding the goal for the “2050 zero emission,” proposed the SBTi (Science-Based Targets Initiative) commitment in December 2021 and took on the challenge to propose short-term (2030) and long-term (2050) carbon reduction pathways within one year (the official SBTi requirement is 2 years). In the future, CHIMEI will continue to render its part to contribute to global sustainability development through the spirit of “A Step Up.”




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