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CHIMEI Launches Ecologue™ Sustainable Materials Portfolio at K 2022

CHIMEI Corporation has unveiled a new portfolio of sustainable materials under the Ecologue trademark, combining present innovations in recycling with future ambitions in bioplastics and zero-carbon production.

CHIMEI Corporation is launching Ecologue™ sustainable materials at K 2022.

Ecologue’s debut products are on display at the joint CHIMEI and Biesterfeld booth (B18) in hall 5, while talks on Ecologue and Chemical Recycling in the Future of Acrylics are being held at conference room 6 in Congress Centre Düsseldorf (CCD) South.

“Ecologue is more than just a catalogue of sustainable materials,” says Andrew Hsieh, CHIMEI Sustainable Material Solutions Manager. “Ecologue is where conversation fuels change. Through Ecologue, CHIMEI will initiate discussions that drive collaboration among colleagues and partners, across the whole value chain, transforming dialogue into practical steps that improve the sustainability of performance materials.”

Ecologue is launching with a range of post-consumer recycled materials. These include mechanically recycled ABS resin and the world’s first light guide plate made from chemically recycled MMA. This pioneering LGP product was specially developed for display screen applications and is slated for mass production in Q3, 2023.

Future development of Ecologue sustainable material solutions for consumer electronics, food packaging and medical equipment, will advance efforts to achieve circularity. For CHIMEI, this means rethinking its manufacturing processes, and finding new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. CHIMEI organizes the Ecologue roadmap into three areas of innovation: recycling, bioplastics and production.

Bioplastic innovations, which include biodegradable and biomass materials, are ongoing. CHIMEI has identified the potential of Ecologue biodegradable materials to replace single-use plastics in the future. CHIMEI has also identified the potential of bio-based feedstock to replace fossil feedstock in the production of Ecologue biomass materials.

Future production innovations in carbon capture and utilization are seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a circular system at CHIMEI. Adding to CHIMEI’s Clean and Green efforts, which began with a voluntary carbon disclosure in 2009, the company is aiming for a forty percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.




CHIMEI is a Taiwan-based performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

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