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CHIMEI Collaborates with its Supply Chain to Implement Closed-Loop Recycling on Packaging Bags

In order to fully implement the concept of recycling and increase the effectiveness of waste and carbon reduction, CHIMEI announced the use of single-material packaging in August this year, and now the company is taking the further step of collaborating with supply chain partners to recycle single-material PP packaging bags and remake them into PCR PP (post-consumer recycled PP) packaging bags. The carbon reduction rate of each bag may reach up to 24%. This initiative will start from January 1st, 2022, and will first be applied to the whole PCR plastic materials product line as well as part of the PC Alloy material product packaging. Since PCR plastic materials are considered low-carbon products, using them along with low-carbon packaging fully demonstrates CHIMEI's efforts in reducing its carbon footprint at every stage of the product life cycle.

After successfully implementing single-material packaging bags that are easy to recycle in August this year, CHIMEI then completed the establishment of the PCR PP packaging closed-loop recycle chain in only five months. The process includes the following steps: First, CHIMEI receives packaging bags back from their clients, then sends them to a recycling service provider’s plant to crush and granulate them. This material will be provided to the packaging manufacturer to make PCR PP packaging bags, which CHIMEI will use to ship products to clients. Recycling efficiency is maximized in this system because the whole recycling process is done in a closed-loop system, and the recycled material comes from a single source. Because CHIMEI PCR PP packaging bags are recycled materials, they appear slightly brown in color. The color green was chosen for the text on the packaging, as it symbolizes this verdant Earth and emphasizes that it was made from recycled material.

CHIMEI upholds its Clean & Green vision and actively responds to Goal 12 of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, “responsible consumption and production ,” by gradually implementing the concept of the circular economy. CHIMEI first started deployment of its PCR plastic materials recycling supply chain in 2016 and has already become an important PCR ABS, PCR PC, and PCR Alloy supplier. Plans for single-material packaging began at the end of 2019, and were fully implemented in August 2021. The use of closed-loop recycling packaging bags will begin in 2022. CHIMEI will continue to exert its influence; by joining hands with upstream and downstream supply chain partners, the company will work together with them to address the globally significant issue of carbon reduction, as well as look for more ways to recycle and reduce carbon emissions.




CHIMEI is a Taiwan-based performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

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