Social Contribution

Social Contribution

Focusing on culture and healthcare

After Chi Mei got firmly established, founder Shi Wen-Long felt that, apart from sharing profits with personnel, shareholders, and up- and downstream partners, whenever possible the company should actively contribute to society and use its resources where they would have a positive effect. Because of this, for many years, culture and healthcare have been the keynotes of Chi Mei's social participation, and Chi Mei provides long-term support to the Chi Mei Culture Foundation (including the Chi Mei Museum), Chi Mei Hospital, and Tree Valley Foundation.

Chi Mei Corp. has offered the "Chi Mei Corporation Outstanding Talent Scholarship" since 2011 to encourage the writing of forward-looking academic papers and promote the cultivation of manpower specializing in chemical engineering and electronic materials.

As for participation in international relief activities, when a massive earthquake struck Japan in March 2011, motivated by the spirit of compassion and sympathy, Chi Mei immediately donated US$2 million to the relief effort. Joining forces with affiliates and employees, the company then continued to make donations to reconstruction work via the Tainan City Government and Tainan's sister city of Sendai in Japan. In 2008 Wenchuang (in Sichuan province of China) earthquake, Chi Mei group donated RMB 20 million to join the relief efforts.  

Chi Mei has always believed that the company exists to pursue human well-being, including the well-being of all employees, customers, vendors, and even the general public. In the future, Chi Mei will continue to strive to realize the principles of sharing and mutual benefit in order to give all people a sense of happiness knowing that Chi Mei is there.

Important milestones in social participation


Donates approximately NT$1.3 billion in construction costs for the Chi Mei Building in the "Tainan Urban Museum Park" to the Tainan City Government, making the company a model new of active private contribution to local undertakings and the promotion of culture.


Offers the 1st "Chi Mei Corporation Outstanding Talent Scholarship" to help train manpower specializing in chemical engineering and electronic materials.

03.2011 Donates US$2 million in relief funds in the wake of Japan's March 2011 earthquake.

Following Typhoon Morakot, the Chi Mei Group donates NT$100 million to centrally- and locally-managed relief campaigns, and implements the Hope School Plan.


The Chi Mei Group donates NT$440 million to the Tainan campus of National Chiao Tung University for the construction of an optoelectronics R&D building, which has become Taiwan's first optoelectronics institute.

Establishes the Tree Valley Foundation, which actively participates in local community activities and cultural asset maintenance and preservation work.


Opening of the Chi Mei Museum, which is dedicated to exposing the public to "music they can enjoy and paintings they can understand." The museum's collection chiefly consists of Western concrete and realistic art. The museum has adopted a policy of no admission fees in order to let even more people get close to and appreciate art and culture. As a result, it has become "a museum that belongs to everyone."


Establishment of Chi Mei Hospital


Establishment of the Chi Mei Culture Foundation