High-Value Innovation

High-Value Innovation

In order to attain sustainable development, we have been actively promoting a high-value product strategy, along with a customer service orientation. We rely on our more than 50 years in the field of petrochemical material manufacturing and R&D, as well as our investments in high-quality R&D equipment, to continue to develop high-value products meeting customer needs. Our innovative services create high added value, which is why we have become our customers' most trusted partner. We hope to develop new industrial fields in conjunction with our customers, and thereby make living more convenient, improve people's quality of life, and build a brighter future.

Some of our specific undertakings include:

  • Establishment of a new materials research department dedicated to the investigation and development of forward-looking technologies and materials.
  • Adoption of our environmentally-friendly production processes and waste reduction measures.
  • In-depth improvement of existing technologies and development of new applications fields enabling better product differentiation.
  • Vigorous enhancement of our patent portfolio.

Having actively invested resources within the company in an effort to realize greater value, we have achieved the following successes in recent years:

  • We are the world's leading supplier of optical-grade light guide panels, and are successively introducing microstructured light guide panels and ultra-thin light guide panels in response to the needed for 3D displays and increasingly thin displays.
  • Our products, which include photoresist, polyimide film, wet chemicals and phosphors, are supplied to the LCD panel, touch-control panel, semiconductor, and LED industries, and are key materials used in these industries' processes.
  • We are continuing to research and upgrade our existing plastic and rubber products, and have introduced new weather-resistant, high heat-resistant, and high-transparent materials.
  • We are actively developing new materials for use in environmental protection products, such as rubber for use in environmentally-friendly tires, non-halogen flame retardant material and low environmental-impact process.