Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

First in work safety; prioritizing environmental protection

Chi Mei Corp. has obtained ISO 14001 environmental management system and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system certifications with the aim of enhancing environmental quality, maintaining a healthy and safe living and working environment, and ensuring the company's sustainable development.

As far as work safety is concerned, we strive to provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment. Apart from continuous education, training, and awareness intended to boost employees' safety consciousness and knowledge, we also hold regular emergency response drills and invest in high-quality fire safety equipment. For instance, we have acquired a water saving, high efficiency compressed air foam chemical fire truck, a 30 m ladder truck, and a command vehicle able to drive through water 75 cm in depth. These vehicles have greatly enhanced our emergency response capabilities.

With regard to environmental protection, we emphasize environmental sustainability and strive to minimize the impact of manufacturing activities on the environment. We are focusing on process source improvements, boosting product conversion rates, and enhancement of energy and resource use efficiency, allowing us to achieve wastewater, waste gas, and solid waste reduction targets. We are further investing in high performance regenerative waste gas control equipment and activated carbon recycling systems, which will further reduce the impact of waste gas and wastewater on the environment.

We have established an "energy management improvement committee" in order to promote energy conservation, carbon emission reduction, and greenhouse gas reduction. This committee's goal is to boost energy and resource use efficiency, and regularly monitor the energy conservation and carbon reduction performance of the company's various units. As far as fuel use is concerned, we are actively replacing heavy fuel oil with natural gas, which can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 63,000 tons each year.

We are also joining forces with vendors, affiliated suppliers, and customers in the joint adoption of a customer-oriented quality management system. If any raw materials, auxiliary materials, or packaging materials contain substances harmful to the environment and human beings, we prohibit or restrict the use of such materials.