CSR Policy

CSR Policy

Building a happy, sustainable company

Since it was established in 1960, Chi Mei Corp. has actively implemented a policy of sharing and mutual benefit in line with founder Shi Wen-Long's philosophy of "the company exists to pursue human well-being." As a result, Chi Mei has been able to establish harmonious relationships both within and outside the company. Chi Mei further emphasizes environmental sustainability, strives to lessen the impact of production work on the environment, takes active measures to ensure a healthy and safe working environment, and strives to contribute to society through cultural and medical public interest activities.

Responding to a highly volatile operating environment, the company has consistently maintained prudent business strategies, which have ensured steady growth year after year. Chi Mei hopes to become our customers' most trusted partner, our employees' best employer, society's finest corporate citizen, and hopes that all our colleagues, shareholders, customers, vendors, and consumers at large are all better off because of Chi Mei.

Major honors


Received Taiwan's 1st Corporate Environmental Award of Excellence in recognition of environmental performance.

1999 Founder Shi Wen-Long (then president of Chi Mei Corp.) received the 4th Nikkei Asia Prize from Japan's Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc.. Shi was the first private individual to receive this honor, and was also the first resident of Taiwan to do so. This prize gave Shi recognition for his many remarkable achievements, which included establishing the world's largest ABS plant, implementing an employee stock sharing system, and establishing a simplified, more efficient corporate organization.

Received first place among petrochemical companies in Commonwealth Magazine's "Most Prestigious Benchmark Company" ranking.