Commitment to Employee

Commitment to Employee

A human-centered philosophy; valuing harmony

Since the time he founded Chi Mei, Shi Wen-Long has vigorously advocated a philosophy of "the company exists to pursue human well-being," which has been reflected in Chi Mei's fair working environment and sharing of benefits. As a result, Chi Mei implemented an employee stock sharing system ahead of most other firms in Taiwan, established a human-centered culture emphasizing harmony, and is working to instill harmony, dignity, a sense of security, freedom, and sharing. Although the company has been in existence for over 50 years, it still has an ultra-low employee turnover rate and record of zero labor-management disputes.

Chi Mei's commitment to its employees has been extended from in-service personnel to retired employees. Apart from enjoying steady income from dividends on shares allocated while in-service, retired personnel are also considered important members of the Chi Mei family in other ways. For instance, we have established the "Chi Mei Retired Employee Fraternal Association," and allow retired employees to make free use of recreation facilities and equipment in order to encourage interaction and enrich their lives.

Leading innovations in the industry

1988 Establishes a two-day weekend system 13 years prior to the government's mandate.
1985 Provides employees with opportunities for overseas travel via the "Employee Domestic and Foreign Travel Regulations"
1973 Establishes an employee stock sharing system well before most companies in Taiwan.
1972 Organizes an operating committee, separating management powers from ownership (general manager system)