Chimei's thermoplastic rubber is a copolymerization of Styrene, butadiene, and styrene. Its segmented and radial molecular structure allows it to have the same flexible and physical properties of general rubber without the vulcanization process. Its middle segment is similar to rubber and has excellent elastic restoring force, processing flowability, weather resistance, and can be injection molded similar to that of thermoplastics. It can be widely applied for shoe soles, toys, asphalt modifications, mechanical products, plastic modification agents, and adhesive agents.



Feature Grade Characteristics Applications Data Sheets[PDF]
Oil-extended PB-575 High flowability, can be used with a large number of supplemental materials, and primarily used for shoe soles and machinery products. Can be mixed with GPPS and supplemental materials for injection into shoe soles and industrial products.
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Non Oil-exntended

Feature Grade Characteristics Applications Data Sheets[PDF]
Non Oil-exntended PB-511 General grade, star-shaped structure Asphalt modification / adhesives / shoe soles / industrial products / road surfaces
Non Oil-exntended PB-5301 Linear structure (higher molecular weight) Asphalt modification / shoe soles / adhesives
Non Oil-exntended PB-5302 Linear structure, transparent Transparent or lightweight (foam) shoe soles / road surfaces
Non Oil-exntended PB-5502 High Di-block structure Hot melted adhesive can be applied with other HIPS co-extrusion materials
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