ACRYREX® General Grade PMMA Resin

ACRYREX is a plastic material successfully manufactured by the Chi Mei Corporation using methyl methacrylate (MMA) as the main raw material after three decades of acrylic sheet manufacturing experiences and the introduction of continuous process technology from the United States. It has good cleanliness, high transparency and gloss, as well as stable physical, chemical, optical, and electrical properties. Can be widely used in the application of electronic panels, mechanical parts, surfaces of watches and clocks, vehicle lights, telecommunication equipment, insulation parts, and sunglasses.

Grade Characteristics Applications Data Sheets[PDF]
CM-205 Heat resistant injection grade, high temperature resistance, heat distortion temperature up to 100°C, tough mechanical strength Extrusion plates, rods, tubes; injection heat resistance level, especially suitable for external automotive light casings / sunglasses / digital watch casings
CM-207 General purpose injection grade is the grade with the most extensive applications. It has appropriate flowability and heat resistance. Electronic boards / general audio panels / mechanical parts / instrument enclosures / sun glasses / digital watch casings
CM-211 High flowability injection grade, flowability features, easy mold processing Electronic boards / general audio panels / everyday household appliances, and special shaped or hard to inject mold processing decorations.
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