Remuneration & Benefits

Career at CMC


Human resources are the most important resource for any enterprise. This is why we offer every employee generous salary and benefits packages that compare very favorably with those of our competition. We take pride in our profit-sharing policy, training programs and incentives, which are all part of our efforts to attract and retain top talent.

1. Generous Salary

i. 12 months salary (fixed)
ii. Allowances (e.g. night shift, overtime, etc.)
iii. Bonuses: fixed (one month), performance bonuses in accordance with business performance, year-end bonus, special bonuses
iv. Annual salary adjustment in accordance with individual performance
v. Surplus dividend

2. Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

From day one, every employee enjoys comprehensive insurance coverage, including the following:
i. Health insurance
ii. Labor insurance
iii. Group insurance (including life, major medical, and accident insurance, plus medical payments)
iv. Cancer insurance (including first diagnosis payment, treatment costs, death payment)
v. Overseas travel insurance (covers all travel for the company)

3. Other Benefits

i. Four annual holiday bonuses and birthday bonus
ii. Wedding, birth and funeral allowances
iii. Domestic and international travel grants
iv. Grants and scholarships for employee's children
v. Recreational activities and gatherings organized by individual departments
vi. Year-end raffle
vii. Year-end banquet
viii. Dependents group insurance to cover employee's spouse and children
ix. Recreation center (including swimming pool, billiard room, badminton court, KTV…etc) 

Note: The above provides a general overview of Chi Mei’s benefits & welfare scheme. The salary, bonuses and benefits enjoyed by individual employees are determined by their employment contract and company regulations. The latest amendments and adjustments always apply.