Learning & Development

Career at CMC

1. Career Development

We offer employees a range of on-the-job training programs and diverse learning opportunities that balance the company’s needs and your personal interests, and allow you to deepen your professional or managerial knowledge and skills for successful growth and career advancement.

2. Mentor System

Since 2010, Chi Mei has established a mentor system, in which new employees are assigned one of their senior colleagues as a personal mentor. As both teachers and friends, leaders and counselors, the mentors help employees adapt to their new work environment and get to know their colleagues. They also offer support with problems at work as well as outside of it, and share their own experience and resources. Mentors can provide effective peer counseling and serve as contact points, allowing newcomers to share their problems and adjust smoothly to their new situation.

We ensure the quality and efficiency of our mentor system by hiring professional lecturers to train our mentors and teach them leadership and communication skills.

Thanks to the mentor system, new employees quickly settle into their new working environment and enjoy their work. Come and join the Chi Mei family, where a collegial atmosphere and job satisfaction await you!