Chi Mei Living

Career at CMC

1. Promoting Good Health

奇美實業年度健康檢查、廠區內運動設施Our people are our most important asset. Therefore, Chi Mei offers employees free medical consultations from an in-house doctor, as well as annual checkups and optional health awareness activities and lectures. To our female colleagues, we offer preferred parking during pregnancy, as well as private nursing rooms and other first-rate facilities.

The company premises boasts a softball field, tennis courts, basketball courts, indoor badminton courts, an indoor warm water swimming pool, as well as table tennis and pool/billiards rooms. We encourage employees and their families to make frequent use of these facilities to stay in top physical and mental shape.

2. Food for the Soul

The Chi Mei Bimonthly magazine presents in a light and lively fashion the latest internal developments and company club news, while also featuring contributions by employees sharing their knowledge and insights, plus edifying stories and articles that broaden the readers’ horizon.

Chi Mei is proud of a working environment that does not lack a touch of culture and artistic appeal. The company premises contains various works of art in numerous locations, creating an atmosphere where employees have a chance to relax and recharge their batteries during breaks from work. Further food for the soul is found in the company’s generously furnished library.

3. LOHAS and Recreation

To promote the mental and physical health of our staff, and help them to balance work and family, Chi Mei’s Employee Welfare Committee organizes domestic travel tours, ballgame competitions and other forms of physical activity. Employees are also encouraged to participate in the company’s clubs and societies, where they can pursue many hobbies and interests with like-minded people.

4. Convenient Living

In over 1,000 special Chi Mei contract stores all over Taiwan, employees and their friends and families can shop conveniently and enjoy discounts on movie tickets and other cultural events and activities.

5. Social Responsibility

We at Chi Mei take an active role in community welfare and charitable events. Many of our employees are volunteers for a variety of social and cultural causes, including guides at the Chi Mei Museum, volunteer workers at the Chi Mei Medical Center, volunteer counselors with the “Sending Love to Sendai” project, and volunteers for local beach cleaning projects.