Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Meeting customers' needs with quality and service

Chi Mei's production operations have consistently emphasized the highest possible quality and putting customers first. As a result, our product quality control is extremely strict. In order to boost customers' trust in our products and realize our business philosophy, we have implemented the ISO 9002 quality system since 1992. In 2009, we upgraded to the ISO 9001: 2008 version international quality system. We hope that the quality and service required by this quality assurance model will thoroughly satisfy customers' needs.

In order to fulfill the foregoing commitments, we at Chi Mei will strive to fully implement the following policy:

  • Ceaseless R&D in the area of manufacturing technology, and absolute rigor in quality control.
  • Continuous cost reduction, improvement of productivity, and enhancement of product quality.
  • Reliance on a customer-oriented attitude to boost customer satisfaction.
  • Joint adoption and maintenance of a customer-oriented quality management system in conjunction with vendors, affiliated suppliers, and customers.
  • Evolving from a "Chi Mei emphasizing quantity" to a "Chi Mei emphasizing both quality and quantity" focus.
  • Transitioning from a focus on after-sales service to pre-sales service, establishing Chi Mei as a provider of service.