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CHIMEI’s WONDERLOY®PC Alloy and WONDERLITE® PC to meet the needs of ICT applications


The rapid growth of the Internet has enriched people’s lives while also making life more convenient. The emergence over the past few years of new fields such as smart factories, smart security, smart wearable devices, Internet-enabled vehicles, online audiovisual platforms, etc. shows that the information and communications technology (ICT) sector still has immense growth potential. The dawning of the era of 5G mobile communications marks the beginning of a new stage in the development of the ICT industry, with a steady improvement in the performance of ICT products, which in turn has led to ever more stringent materials quality requirements. CHIMEI has for many years now been actively involved in the development of new materials for the ICT sector, and is able to provide PC alloy materials that our customers can trust!

WONDERLOY®PC Alloy PC-540A features outstanding thermal stability
Responding to the trend for ICT product designs to become ever more lightweight and more complex, CHIMEI has demonstrated its commitment to innovation through the development of WONDERLOY®PC Alloy PC-540-A, which boasts superb thermal stability, providing product designers with greater flexibility, and enabling them to develop new product designs that are lightweight and complex while still maintaining stable materials quality. WONDERLOY®PC Alloy PC-540-A has already been widely adopted for use in set-top boxes, routers and other ICT devices.

WONDERLITE® Flame Retardant PC PC-6600/6710
CHIMEI offers two types of WONDERLITE® Flame Retardant PC material to meet the needs of different types of application products: PC-6600, which is opaque (non-transparent), and PC-6710, which is transparent. CHIMEI’s WONDERLITE® Flame Retardant PC materials feature high heat resistance, high impact resistance, and a high relative temperature index (RTI). These materials are already widely used in the manufacturing of adaptors, routers, high-end electrical equipment and precision electronic machinery, etc.

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