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CHIMEI offers the best options for flame retardant ABS


CHIMEI is dedicated to protecting your safety at home and at work. To this end, we have created a series of flame retardant ABS products for home and industrial environments, thus guaranteeing your protection against fires no matter where you are.

CHIMEI's POLYLAC® ABS products include the PA-765 series fire retardant, as well as the PA-763 and PA-764 series of heat resistant flame retardants. They are widely used in a diverse array of applications, such as household appliances, electronics, industrial equipment, and communications.

There is a widespread trend in the industry towards smaller and lighter products. In this regard, the ABS-764G represents the best choice for flame retardant material in the foreseeable future. In particular, the CHIMEI POLYLAC® ABS-764G high-performance flame retardant has achieved minimal thickness and space specs while still ensuring maximum effectiveness(1.0 mm V0, 0.75 mm V2, compared to 1.5 mm for most other products in the industry). This makes it very applicable in an incredibly wide variety of products, including electronics such as power supplies, as well as mobile telecommunications equipment.



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