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CHIMEI will be showcasing its innovative products and holding seminars at PLASCOM TAIWAN 2017


CHIMEI, the leading global brand in thermoplastics, will be exhibiting at the first ever PLASCOM TAIWAN (Taiwan International Plastics, Rubber & Composites Show) on September 13 – 16, 2017 under the theme of “Bonding your Moments,” showcasing CHIMEI’s innovative, high-quality plastic materials and the products that CHIMEI and its customers have developed together, which help to make consumers’ lives more enjoyable and more convenient. Over the four days of the PLASCOM TAIWAN show, CHIMEI will be holding exciting special activities every day, with seminars focusing on food-contact plastic materials, automotive plastics, and plastic materials for the network communications sector, as well as presentation for medical plastics. 

CHIMEI is hoping to take advantage of the platform provided by the first PLASCOM TAIWAN exhibition to showcase the impressive results achieved through close collaboration between CHIMEI and its customers, and to explore the latest developments in plastics and rubber technology. With the world currently facing a range of issues that include climate change, the rapid pace of development of new technology, rising awareness of health issues, the aging of the population structure, etc., CHIMEI is focusing its materials R&D efforts on developing new materials that are more environmentally-friendly, more functional, and safer, as well as materials that meet healthcare needs. All of these areas represent new development paths and new opportunities for the industry as a whole.

Reflecting CHIMEI’s core values of “Reliable, Safe and Innovative”, the products and technologies that CHIMEI will be showcasing at PLASCOM TAIWAN include:

POLYLAC®ABS PA-757F and KIBISAN®SAN FG , new generation food contact grade ABS and SAN plastic materials
CHIMEI, the leading global brand in thermoplastic, has introduced its new generation food contact grade POLYLAC®ABS PA-757F and KIBISAN®SAN FG materials. These products conform to the requirements of the most recent versions of major international standards for food contact grade products: EU Regulation No. 10/2011, , Germany’s LFGB standard, U.S. FDA standards, and the food container safety inspection standard promulgated by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. CHIMEI’s unique technology reduces chemical migration, eliminating concerns that food safety may be affected by chemical migration from the food container. CHIMEI’s new food contact grade materials are the ideal choice for all types of food and beverage packaging and containers.

WONDERLITE® PC-115P new generation polycarbonate plastic material applied to medical devices
CHIMEI has developed high-quality plastics for the manufacturing of medical devices. Besides, our existing materials applied to non-invasive medical devices, recently CHIMEI has successfully developed even higher-quality materials that are suitable for invasive devices, providing consistent quality and safety; CHIMEI is committed to establishing itself as a leading provider of medical device materials solutions. In the invasive device materials segment, CHIMEI has already completed development of WONDERLITE® PC-115P, which has been verified by ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing, and which supports ethylene oxide (EO) and gamma radiation sterilization. The process of our polycarbonate is non-phosgene, which is both cleaner and more environmentally-friendly; the chlorine-free, high-flowability polycarbonate is ideally suited for applications such as dialyzers and infusion parts, etc.

A comfortable, low-odor plastic material that is ideal for car interior furnishings: POLYLAC® low-odor series ABS
CHIMEI has developed the POLYLAC® low-odor series ABS to help create more comfortable car interiors. This product meets automotive manufacturers’ low-odor requirements, and enhances overall sensory comfort.

High-performance WONDERLOY® PC Alloy composite material, and flame-retardant WONDERLITE® PC
CHIMEI’s high-performance WONDERLOY® PC Alloy and flame-retardant WONDERLITE® PC are environmentally-friendly materials with halogen-free flame retardant properties, high tensile strength and superior heat-resistance. They are widely used in consumer electronics products such as set-top boxes, routers, power supply units, etc., and are also used in interior/exterior vehicle fittings. CHIMEI also offers coloring service (coloring is implemented in-house at CHIMEI’s own facility), which enables us to provide customers with a wide range of high-quality color options.

CHIMEI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thermoplastics; its five main product lines are: plastics, rubbers, electronic materials, composite materials, and specialty chemicals. CHIMEI’s products are widely used in many different industry sectors, including transportation, home appliances, IT/Office equipment, cosmetics packaging, building and construction, toys/sporting goods, food contact, housewares, and medical devices, etc.

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