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CHIMEI becomes the largest private issuer of green bonds at NT$5 billion


Another tranche of green bonds! The NT$5 billion in green bonds issued by Chi Mei Corporation, the world's leading ABS resin manufacturer, was listed over the counter today, making it the largest tranche to be issued by a private enterprise. Taipei Exchange specially held a listing ceremony in celebration. Li Ai-Ling, President of Taipei Exchange, Chao Lin-Yu, President of the issuer Chi Mei Corporation, Huang Nan-Chou, President of the underwriter E.Sun Bank, and Lin Wan-Wan, CEO of the certification body KPMG, all attended the event.

Funds raised by Chi Mei Corporation from the green bonds will be used for 4 green investment projects, including: a solar power plant, heat and power station, EDR (electrodialysis reversal) effluent recycling system, and resource recycling furnace will all be completed in 2020. After the facilities are completed, it will reduce carbon emission by 180,000 metric tons a year, and Chi Mei Corporation's energy self-sufficiency will reach 90% and above. The use of cleaner energy and renewable energy instead of traditional energy will reduce the burden on the natural environment.

Chao Lin-Yu, President of Chi Mei Corporation, said that Chi Mei has always been happy and brave to adopt any green technology that will contribute to Earth's environment, and that the 4 green projects are all based on the concept of circular economy. With regard to source of funding, the government's promotion of green finance and green bonds provides companies with an excellent fund raising channel in the capital market. In addition to long-term stable funding, it provides companies with the opportunity to communicate their green vision with the public and exert even greater influence.

Chi Mei Corporation focuses on improving its processes from the source, improving its rate of product transformation and efficiency of energy and resource utilization. This has enabled it to achieve excellent results in energy conservation, waste reduction, and recycling in recent years. In 2010, Chi Mei Corporation began using natural gas instead of heavy oil as furnace fuel, and greatly decreased its carbon emission. In 2013, Chi Mei Corporation published the world's first ABS product carbon footprint. In 2015, Chi Mei Corporation implemented the ISO 50001 energy management system and received the Silver Award in the ROC Enterprises Environmental Protection Award from the Environmental Protection Administration the same year.

The green bonds issued by Chi Mei Corporation were certified by a professional certification body in compliance with the government's regulations on green bonds. Chi Mei Corporation selected the best carbon reduction plan that will provide actual carbon reduction benefits. Outlooks on the future, Chi Mei Corporation will continue to follow and happily attempt the latest environmental green technologies, demonstrating its commitment and fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.


Benefits of Chi Mei Corporation's 4 green projects

Name Program content Benefits
Solar power plant 1. A total of 6 rooftop solar power systems and 1 ground-mounted solar power system
2. Total capacity of 22,000 kW, annual power generation of 30 million kWh
Annual carbon reduction of 17,000 metric tons
Heat and power station Cogeneration involves two major components: the gas turbine generator and heat recovery steam generator. The gas turbine generator uses natural gas, a relatively clean fuel, to generate electricity, while the heat recovery steam generator recovers heat and generates steam for use in the production process. 1. Annual carbon reduction of 163,000 metric tons
2. Energy self-sufficiency reaches 90% and above
3. Vapor recovery and reuse
EDR (electrodialysis reversal) effluent recycling system The EDR (electrodialysis reversal) system recycles and processes effluent, which is then reused by processes. 1. Increases the amount of industrial water recycled each day by 3,000 metric tons
2. 50% increase in water recycling
Resource recycling furnace Sludge and waste generated from the wastewater treatment process is processed by the resource recycling furnace, which significantly reduces the amount of waste that is generated and transforms heat into steam for use by the production process. 1. Capable of processing wastewater sludge from the entire factory and reduces amount of sludge to 2% after processing
2. Heat is transformed into steam for use by the production process.

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