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CHIMEI Announces New Generation of Medical-Grade Plastics and Value+ Service Solution


CHIMEI, the world's leading brand in thermoplastic materials, is set to make a grand showing at the CHINAPLAS 2018 International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries. There, CHIMEI will display its innovative applications for plastics and rubber in a variety of major industries, including home appliance, automotive, toy, sports, IT, and medical device applications. Among these, CHIMEI will also announce WONDERLITE® PC-115P, its new generation of medical-grade plastic for use in invasive medical devices. In addition to displaying material applications, CHIMEI will uphold its core values of "Reliable, Safe and Innovative" by rolling out the Value+ service solution. This solution creates unparalleled cooperative value for CHIMEI customers in five major ways.

CHIMEI has developed high-quality plastics for the manufacturing of medical devices. Besides the existing materials applied to non-invasive medical devices, recently CHIMEI has successfully developed even higher-quality materials that are suitable for invasive devices, providing consistent quality and safety. CHIMEI’s  WONDERLITE® PC-115P has been verified by ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing, and supports ethylene oxide (EO), gamma radiation, and E-beam sterilization. WONDERLITE® PC-115P is ideally suited for applications such as dialyzers and infusion parts, etc.

Value+ service is CHIMEI’s value-added, total service solution for customers that ranges from product development, manufacturing, and coloring, to delivery. This includes five major areas: technical support, quality analysis, safety certification standards, smart logistics, and precision color matching. The purpose is to provide professional service, speed up customers' product launch cycles, help customers to quickly grasp business opportunities on the market, and to create maximum cooperative value.

The CHIMEI booth is located at 6.2H, S01, NECC, CHINAPLAS 2018. 

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