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Chi Mei Corp. board appoints Hsu Chun-hua as new chairman


Chi Mei Corp. board appoints Hsu Chun-hua as new chairman[Tainan, Taiwan; June 1, 2012]  The Chi Mei Corp. board today passed a new chairman appointment proposal calling for Vice Chairman Hsu Chun-hua to assume the position of chairman, effective the same day. After stepping down from his position, outgoing Chairman Frank Liao plans to continue to serve as a director of the Chi Mei Corp., and put even more time into the Chi Mei Group's art and culture and medical public interest undertakings.

New Chairman Hsu Chun-hua stated: "I am extremely honored to assume the position of chairman. The Chi Mei Corp. has been in existence for 52 years, and I would like to thank Founder Shi Wen-Long and Chairman Frank Liao for giving Chi Mei such a strong foundation. After taking this position, I will strive to preserve and emphasize Chi Mei's superior culture and traditions, create the greatest possible corporate value, and ensure that all our colleagues, shareholders, customers, vendors, and consumers at large are all better off because of Chi Mei. Although Chairman Liao is stepping down, I will continue to go to Founder Shi and former Chairman Liao for advice. I hope to make use of their wisdom and experience gained at the helm of Chi Mei to jointly transmit the Chi Mei Group's culture and strive to attain corporate sustainability."

Hsu Chun-hua graduated from the Department of Agricultural Economics at National Taiwan University, and began working at Chi Mei in 1977. He started out as a low-level employee, and has now been at the company for 35 years. He has done every type of sales work, and has been one of the leading promoters of Chi Mei's sales in the Chinese market. He established Zhenjiang Chimei Chemical in 1996, and has served as the chairman of that company until the present. Hsu was promoted to deputy general manager in charge of sales at the Chi Mei Corp. in 1998, and was promoted again to vice chairman of the Chi Mei Corp. in 2010. He concurrently served as Vice President in charge of sales at Chi Mei Optoelectronics from 2004 to 2011.

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