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CHIMEI Announces the Launch of New Generation Food Contact Materials at CHINAPLAS 2016


CHIMEI, the leading global brand in thermoplastic, will be exhibiting at CHINAPLAS 2016, Asia’s No.1 and World’s No.2 Plastics and Rubber Trade Fair on April 25 – 28, 2016 at booth A3. With a display built around the theme of “Bonding your Moments,” CHIMEI will be showcasing the important role that plastic and rubber materials play in people’s daily lives and the wide range of solutions that CHIMEI has to offer. CHIMEI will also be showcasing its new-generation food contact grade plastic materials, which comply with the latest versions of five major international standards, and which reflect CMC’s commitment to the company’s core values of “Reliable, Safe and Innovative.” These new products are sure to be one of the main highlights of CHINAPLAS 2016.

Chao Chien-jen, CHIMEI’s Vice President for Sales and Marketing, explains that “As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thermoplastics, CHIMEI remains committed to our core values of ‘Reliable, Safe and Innovative,’ working constantly to develop advanced plastic materials that keep pace with global trends, so as to help our customers secure first-mover advantage in today’s highly competitive marketplace. We are hoping to use the platform provided by this exhibition to showcase the impressive range of dynamic breakthroughs achieved through close collaboration between CHIMEI and our customers. For example, the CHIMEI booth features displays on the new generation of food contact grade materials, future trends in plastic materials for use in home appliances, new types of rubber materials for use in environmentally-friendly tires, etc.”

The last few years have seen a growing number of food safety incidents throughout the world. As part of its contribution to enhancing the safety and quality of plastics products that will come into contact with food, CHIMEI will be showcasing its new-generation food contact grade POLYLAC®ABS and KIBISAN®SAN materials at CHINAPLAS 2016. These two new products conform to the requirements of the most recent versions of five major international standards for food-grade products: EU Regulation No. 10/2011, China’s GB Food Safety National Standard, Germany’s LFGB standard, U.S. FDA standards, and the food container safety inspection standard promulgated by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. CHIMEI’s unique technology reduces chemical migration, eliminating concerns that food safety may be affected by chemical migration from the food container. CHIMEI’s new food contact grade materials are the ideal choice for all types of food and beverage packaging and containers.

Chao Chien-jen believes that the trend towards the adoption of environmentally-friendly “green” products is having a major impact on global plastics and rubber technology. This is reflected in new product development, where there is a growing focus on avoiding the use of harmful substances, reducing resource consumption, saving energy, improving performance, and providing higher levels of value-added. Reflecting these trends, CHIMEI’s development strategy for the future emphasizes the opportunities presented by developing products that are “environmentally-friendly, high value-added, and lightweight.”

CHIMEI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thermoplastics; its five main product lines are: plastics, rubbers, electronic materials, composite materials, and specialty chemicals. CHIMEI’s products are widely used in many different industry sectors, including transportation, home appliances, IT/Office equipment, cosmetics packaging, building and construction, toys/sporting goods, food contact, housewares, and medical devices, etc.

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