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Environmental protection, health and safety, sustainable business

Chi Mei Corp. business primarily involves obtaining raw materials from around the world, performing continuous automated processing and polymerization, and selling finished products around the world. Chi Mei has always emphasized environmental protection and workplace health and safety. Planning of pollution control and health and safety measures begins as soon as we decide to establish a new plant. In order to further improve environmental quality, maintain a healthy and safe working environment, and thus ensure our sustainable development, we have established an environmental/occupational health and safety management committee, which are responsible for the functioning of our environmental/occupational health and safety/process safety management systems. With regard to the possible environmental impacts of wastes, waste gases, and wastewater derived from the company's products, activities, and service processes, the handling of toxic chemical substances, and consumption of energy resources, Chi Mei Corp. pledges to employ concrete management solutions to improve overall environmental, health, and safety performance and boost environmental quality, while reducing occupational hazards.

In order to fulfill this pledge, Chi Mei Corp. will thoroughly implement the following policies:

  • In compliance with the government's environmental and health and safety laws, we will prevent harmful or unhealthy working conditions, conduct health-promotion activities aimed at improving the health of our personnel, fulfill our corporate social responsibilities, and ensure a good living environment.
  • We provide environmental protection/health & sanitation, and health education to all employees, and provide time and resources and consult with employees or their representatives to ensure that employees participate in the environmental/occupational health and safety management system.
  • We employ appropriate production and pollution control technologies to ensure the effective use of energy and resources and reduce the environmental impact of production activities and service processes.
  • We employ appropriate risk control technologies to effectively reduce hazards to stakeholders.
  • We have established lawful, effective environmental/occupational health and safety/ process safety management systems facilitating the implementation of environmental protection and safe production activities.
  • We rely on continuous audits and environmental/occupational health and safety management reviews to discover deficiencies, continue to improve, and boost environmental, health and safety quality.
  • We are strengthening our interaction with employees, customers, shareholders, contractors, vendors, and other stakeholders in order to jointly protect the environment and prevent occupational accidents.
  • We prohibit or restrict the use of any raw materials, auxiliary materials, or packaging materials that contain substances harmful to the environment and human beings.


 ISO 14001  ISO 45001(RvA)  ISO 45001(TAF)  ISO 14064  TOSHMS  SA8000

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