Company Profile

Company Profile

Chi Mei– Everywhere in Your Life

Chi Mei Corp.(“CMC”) is one of the world's leading suppliers of plastic and rubber materials. Chi Mei's many products are widely used in the manufacture of nearly countless customer goods. Our chief products include ABS resins, SAN resins, PS resins, MS resins, PC resins, PC/ABS resins, ASA resins, Q resins, PMMA resins, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), high cis and low cis butadiene rubber (HBR/LBR), and styrene butadiene rubber (SSBR), etc. With more than 50 years of production and R&D experience in this field, we can offer a stable supply of plastic and synthetic rubber products, and we have also branched into the higher value area of key materials for the optoelectronic industry, including light guide plates, electronic chemical products, and phosphors. In particular, we are the world's largest vendor of ABS resins, PMMA resins, and light guide plates.

CMC at a glance

CMC was founded by Mr. Shi Wen-Long in 1960 with a company headquarters located in Tainan, Taiwan, and was Taiwan's first producer of acrylic panel and ABS resins. Chi Mei extended its reach overseas in 1996 with the establishment of Zhenjiang Chimei Chemical. The group's consolidated revenue from petrochemicals was NT$164.4 billion in 2018, and employees numbered approximately 3,200. The group's chief production sites are located in Tainan, Taiwan and Zhenjiang in China's Jiangsu Province. Overall annual production capacity of all products reached 3.66 million tons, including an annual capacity of 2.16 million tons of ABS resins and 330,000 tons of PMMA resins.

Headed by Chi Mei Corp., the Chi Mei Group has developed businesses including plastics and petrochemicals, consumer electronics, and foods,  and has also given rise to nonprofit organizations, including foundations and medical centers, geared toward cultural and healthcare undertakings.

Best Partner

Chi Mei Corp.'s products have a very wide range of applications, and are used in countless everyday consumer goods and many industrial products. In order to satisfy the far-ranging needs of the market and our customers, we listen to customers carefully, and harness our top-notch R&D equipment, vast production capacity, high efficiency, environmentally-friendly production technologies, and an exacting quality management system to provide high-quality, cost-competitive products, helping customers to get a jump on their competitors.

Making Life More Convenient

Looking ahead to the future, we have dedicated to investigation and development of new materials. We are realizing our vision of sustainable operation, enhancing added value for customers, making life more convenient, improving people's quality of life, and contributing to a brighter future.

A Belief in Sharing

Chi Mei founder Mr. Shi Wen-Long believes that "a company exists to pursue human well-being." Everyone at Chi Mei is striving to put this philosophy into action and realize the spirit of fairness, mutual benefit, and sharing. We hope that all our colleagues, shareholders, customers, vendors, and consumers at large are all better off because of Chi Mei.